What Sets Us Apart

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Dedicated basement specialists
We develop basements and basements only. We know what we excel at, are firmly dedicated to our work, and continually strive to improve, providing our customers with exceptional service and a highly professional finished product.

Consistently high BBB rating
Our consistent high ranking with the Better Business Bureau assures our customers that we always conduct business in a professional manner.

The best quality specialized trades

Every aspect of our projects is handled only by specialists in that specific trade, such as Master Electricians and Master Plumbers. Our use of specialized tradespeople guarantees that the work proceeds quickly and is always of high quality.

Competitively priced
When you hire us to complete your basement project, you can rest assured that the money that you spend will result in exceptional work by professional tradespeople and the installation of quality products and not merely line a contractor’s pockets.

Three in-depth Basement Builders inspections
Your project manager will meet with you for an in-depth inspection following the rough-in stage, the drywall/paint stage, and at the conclusion of the project. We go to great lengths to make sure that nothing is missed during these inspections so that mistakes and delays are avoided. We do not proceed to the next step until both you and the project manager have signed off on these inspections.

Five-year warranty on all parts and labour
Whatever the scope of your basement project, our professional warranty is guaranteed to provide you with peace of mind.

We will work closely with you regarding very aspect of your vision for your new lower level, whether it is for a sauna, a home theatre to watch the Flames games, or a basement bar for entertaining. You’ll no doubt have big plans for your new basement and we not only want to make them come to life, we’d like add our own suggestions and recommendations as well.

At Basement Builders, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our worksites. Throughout the project, the basement will alway be cleaned up at the end of each working day and at the conclusion of the renovation process, not a speck of dust will be left behind. We’re guests in your home and will never abuse that privilege. Don’t worry, our parents taught us how to clean up.

Staying on schedule and finishing work on time is always an essential component of any construction project, but rarely does this happen. With Basement Builders, we always provide you with a guaranteed completion date. If we ever fall behind schedule for any reason, our team will always work diligently to get back on track as quickly as possible.

Basement Builders hire the most skilled workers available and work with them to assemble a dedicated team to work on your project. We build strong relationships with our customers and we’ll always go the extra mile, whether this entails picking out a specific type of flooring or countertop, or working to have your new basement ready earlier than anticipated for a family event.

The Basement Builders team offers highly competitive pricing and quality professional work for a variety of renovation projects in Calgary and the surrounding area. Our extensive experience with a wide range of basement developments even allow us to provide you with a quote and estimate without even seeing the place!

What Sets Us Apart July 13, 2016