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At Basement Builders we make basement building as simple as possible for our clients. We divide the process into several different stages so that you will know exactly what to expect throughout the project.

Our transparent approach allows our clients to feel at ease as the project undergoes development over the following six to eight weeks .

1. The first phone call

When you first contact us we will determine which package is the best fit your requirements. When you are happy with your choice we can review the package items for any changes or additions that you might prefer. Once you have determined exactly what you are looking for in your basement we can discuss our easy 3 pay system or any suitable financing options that you may require.

Before calling us, you need to:

1) Determine a rough square footage of your home above ground.

2) Determine if your ceilings are 8’ or 9’ in height.

If you need help with either of these tasks, don’t hesitate to call us or use our convenient chat feature located at the bottom right of your screen.

2. We come to you

Once we have determined which package items fit your needs and budget, our designers pay a visit and view the space that you are planning to develop. At that time we can all bounce ideas off each other to establish the best design for the basement.

At this time we will also confirm that your windows meet the City of Calgary Egress Code for any bedrooms that you might have planned for the basement. We will also use an iPad to draw your basement electronically so you will be able to see what your new space will look like once the project is completed.

3. Final meeting

We always conduct our due diligence with every project and when clients do theirs, we guarantee that we will always be as interactive and cooperative as you would like us to be. We are very proud of the quality of our work and clients can confirm our professionalism at a variety of locations online, such as HomeStars, Google Reviews, and more. We are also able to provide you with client referrals if requested.

In the final meeting, we will examine the design and the features of your new space. Once both parties are fully satisfied with the package items and the budget we can review the agreement together.

Basement Builders does not require any upfront fees, providing you with peace of mind.

Basement Builders can also be distinguished from our competitors as a result of our connection with the Canadian Home Builders Association. We adhere to strict policies and procedures on every project and have excellent standing with the organization, which provides our valued clients with a five-year warranty. 

1. Rough-in stage 

  • Framing materials are delivered on site and framing is done to plan
  • Electrical rough-in to design
  • Plumbing rough-in to design
  • City inspections are conducted. Unlike with all other contractors you are not required to be at home for these inspections.
  • Present all passed rough-in inspections
  • Walk-through with the client
  • Paint and carpet samples are provided for your selection
  • One third of the payment is due

2. Drywall, trim/doors, paint 

  • Delivery and installation of drywall in rooms and waterboard in bathroom
  • Ceiling texture (knock down or popcorn)
  • Doors are hung, widows are cased, and all trim is installed
  • Walls and trim are painted the colour that was previously discussed
  • Walk-through of basement and checking for any deficiencies
  • Second third of payment is due

3. Final touches 

  • Installation of tile in the bathroom
  • Installation of all other basement flooring
  • Installation of knobs, vent covers, door stops, and other items
  • Installation of lighting and all other electrical switches, plugs, and breakers
  • Installation of vanity with Delta faucet, American Standard toilet, and Delta shower fixtures
  • Installation of toiletries
  • Final paint touch-ups
  • Any final Calgary inspections are completed, which once again you do not have to be present for
  • A professional cleaning company cleans your basement from top to bottom
  • Final walk-through
  • Final third of payment is due

Following the final inspection we will provide your final invoice, which will serve as the starting point for your five-year comprehensive warranty.

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How it Works July 13, 2016