CALGARY, AB (July 27, 2023) - Professional Contractor and TV Host Mike Holmes invites one of Canada’s top basement developers and renovators, “Basement Builders” to join his "Holmes Approved Homes - Renovator" program. Basement Builders will act as an exclusive provider of basement development solutions for the Greater Calgary area as part of its Holmes Approved Homes - Renovator program.

Holmes, famed for his HGTV hits "Holmes on Homes", "Holmes Makes It Right" and more recently "Holmes Family Rescue", started the Holmes Approved Home program to help homeowners find quality builders and renovators with the goal to make it right the first time and NOT require a television show for quality construction.  By adding Basement Builders to his roster of building partners homeowners will be able to improve their homes with confidence.

Basement Builders was founded nine years ago by long-time Calgary friends Mathew Ashley and Benjamin Wiley and is now one of the most successful basement development companies in the region.

Holmes Approved Homes team was impressed with Basement Builders' commitment to quality and for demonstrating a balance of outstanding quality and customer care, competitive pricing, and quoting system clarity.

Mike Holmes has built his career around helping people whose lives have been devastated by poor-quality construction. For decades, he has stressed to homeowners the importance of educating themselves, documenting work, and following regulations to combat those who don’t care enough or know enough. Basement Builders both care about their clients and know how to deliver quality, and those are key in joining Mike’s Holmes Approved Home Renovator program.

Holmes said: “Not only has Basement Builders impressed me with their on-site skills, but what I love more is that they care about doing a good job and work hard every day to make sure that happens!”

"I’ve seen a lot of shoddy basement renovations over the years. Basements are a great way to add to your living space but when not done properly they can cause a lot of headaches and wasted money.

"I’m talking about moisture issues, structural and joist problems, ventilation errors, and don’t get me started on bad electrical and plumbing. Not to mention a lack of permits. I’ve seen it all. That’s why it’s essential to hire the pros.”.

"Basement Builders past and future performance represent the kind of partnership we look for in our network.

Owners Ashley and Wiley were honoured to see their hard work, commitment and efforts be exclusively selected.

The pair have worked tirelessly to grow their business for the last decade, completing countless quality renovations of basements with an equal number of satisfied clients. 

They're also proud their work is helping to fill a void in affordable housing in the city by adding more liveable spaces and opportunities for homeowners to make money from their basements through rentals and other opportunities.

Ashley, 42, said: “We are excited and honoured to have been selected to embark on this adventure. It is easy to say you are the best but now, through this program we have more evidence to back it up.

“Everyone knows Mike’s opinion of quality counts and it’s a huge honour to team up with someone of his skill level and earn his respect and association.

From day one we have done everything we can to make sure our basements are the best they can be. When things got tough, we only worked harder.

As owners of one of the biggest basement renovation companies in Alberta we’ve seen countless renovation companies come and go, many of them leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. We always vowed to run our business with integrity. We’ve been growing but with care and a consciousness.

“People put a lot of faith in us, and we will always try to go the extra mile to make sure they are happy and would recommend us to anyone.”

Ashley and Wiley decided to start Basement Builders in 2014, leaving their jobs as an H&R Block manager and an electrician respectively after spotting a gap in the market.

Wiley, 39, explained: “There was only really one significant basement renovation company in Calgary at the time, and we could see from the way they were handling things, it wasn’t going to go well.

“We knew there was room for a developer who would put excellence first. At a time when people are spending more and more time at home, and can’t necessarily afford to move, I’m proud to say we really give them beautiful spaces that actually make a difference in the quality of their home lives.

“We’re both Calgary boys, born and bred, and we want to make this city proud. It feels great for someone like Mike to have taken notice."

The Holmes Approved Homes - Renovator program is about protecting homeowners’ investments. Specially trained and dedicated Mike Holmes Inspections inspectors work closely to help ensure every project is built right, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Additionally, Basement Builders will work hand in hand with Mike’s team and other partners ensuring that they stay ahead of the curve and continually push the boundaries of building better and maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.

Together, it forms a commitment to Make It Right with each other, homeowners and to always build better. Mike calls that the “triple win” and when we do it right, we can all win with quality construction and great results. Watch out Calgary, there is a new level of quality in town, and everyone will need to keep up!

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