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Are you wanting to update the look of your basement? Wanting to turn your storage space into a fully functional living area, kids' playroom, home theatre, or entertainment space? What about a basement man cave? Basement Builders can help make that dream a reality. With years of experience in the local area providing Chestermere homes with quality basement development and renovation services, we’ll work with you to create and build a space you will love.

We serve Calgary, Chestermere, Airdrie, Cochrane, Strathmore, and Okotoks, and are proud to be a step ahead of the rest of other basement development companies. In Chestermere, a popular commuter town, many of us have set down roots. We want to be happy with the home we are living in for years to come – so why not love all of it?

Our expert building team will help bring your basement dreams and ideas to life! Get inspiration and see our recent projects and examples of work here.

About Basement Builders

Our team members at Basement Builders have over 15 years of experience in the building and renovation industry and can turn your ideas and dream into a reality. With more than 1,500 projects under our belt, our expert team has years of hands-on experience and will work with you to build you a fully functional space in your home that you can be proud of for many years to come. When you rely on us to complete your Chestermere basement development project, you will notice that we aim to please and to ensure our customers are highly satisfied with our work, from start to finish of the build, and even after!

By offering basement finance options and a warranty on our services, we are able to continue to provide complete satisfaction in all our work, providing you with the peace of mind you need before, throughout, and after the construction of the project.

Our team is here to help and value your complete service.

About You

Basement Builders is the solution for complex basement development in Chestermere. We have dedicated ourselves to specializing in this one area, so when you want high-quality basement development, that is what you will get. You have extensive ideas, a big family, hopes to sell, or creativity to indulge in – and we want to be the ones to meet and exceed your expectations.

You love your home, but is it reaching its fullest potential? We have what you need. Trust in us as your first choice for basement development in Chestermere. We look forward to delivering on all your wildest dreams. As an approved partner in the Bryan Baeumler Approved network of contractors and home service providers, we are confident we can deliver on your needs.

What We Do

We specialize in basement development in Chestermere exclusively basement development. Why? Because we know our strengths and we want to stick to them. We have completed over 2000+ different projects in the areas that we serve and have always been dedicated to developing high-quality basements for over 15 years.

Excited to finally finish your basement? We are, too! We are passionate about every aspect of the business and are determined to work closely with every client we take on so that we can rest easy knowing you are satisfied with the final product. If you can dream it, we can build it. Get started with a free quote or see our recent projects for proof of what we do.

What to Consider When Finishing Your Basement in Chestermere?


Consider why you might want a finished basement. It is an excellent choice for multigenerational families that require more space than the standard floor plans. Some people simply need more space to hang out. While there will be a main floor living room, it is also possible to create a casual space.


If you finish your basement in the beginning of construction, it will be easier to match the rest. You can use the same laminate flooring on the basement floor as the main floor. If you decide to finish the project later, it may not be possible to achieve the same streamlined look.

Regulations and Permits

You must comply with the current building codes when finishing a basement. Get the appropriate permits. Many homeowners are disappointed when their basement is not up to modern standards. It is much easier to include the finished basement in the original build, as the builder will take care of obtaining the permits and complying with regulations.


You should also consider the timing of your project. You can use the space immediately by including it in your original build without having to spend a lot. This is a huge convenience.

If you are not sure how you will use the space, or you want to save some money, you can finish the basement later. It is important to inform the builder of your future. They will design a basement that meets the requirements for future renovations.

Basement Development & Renovation Process - How it Works


At Basement Builders, our local team makes the development of your Chestermere basement completely stress-free by laying out the entire build process from the start.

Our approach is 100% transparent, enabling our clients the chance to feel the most at ease in their own homes as the floor beneath their feet transforms.

The first phone call

When you first contact our Chestermere basement development company, we will discuss your specific wants and needs for your new basement area, keeping in mind your specific budget.

We come to you

You do not need to leave the house! Our expert team members will come to your home to do a full review of the space. This will help us to determine the perfect layout and design that works best for you. This part of the process will also include rough measurements, scale drawings, and a final, accurate cost estimate.

Final meeting

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will have a final meeting to discuss with you what the layout of the project will look like, how it will unfold, how communication will be maintained, etc. At this point, necessary changes may be made before development begins.

Read more about our complete renovation and development process HERE.

Chestermere Basement Development FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about what we do.

What is the first step to begin my basement makeover with Basement Builders?

If you are interested in finishing your basement and developing with the help of Basement Builders,’ you can start by giving us a call and scheduling a visit from our expert design team. They will then create a plan that maximizes on your basement’s space while ensuring it is attractive and functional.

How much does it cost to develop a basement in Chestermere?

The average cost of basement development is roughly $34,999 in Chestermere. Costs will increase or decrease depending on the complexity and additions of your finished basement. We believe in transparency here at Basement Builders, which is why we will never hide any costs from you. Get a more accurate assessment by obtaining a free quote through the generator.

What makes Basement Builders different than other Chestermere basement renovation companies?

What sets apart? We are transparent, never hide fees, and we strongly believe that our business model is light years above other Chestermere basement renovation companies. We are dedicated basement specialists, meaning we develop basements only. We know what we excel at and are firmly dedicated to what we do. You will always get the best from us.

How many weeks does it take to finish a basement in Chestermere?

More complex builds will take longer to complete than average, but you can expect Basement Builders to finish a basement between 7-9 weeks. This is for a standard basement. Upon quoting time, we will do our absolute best to give you a more accurate timeline estimate.

Does Basement Builders offer options for financing in Chestermere?

Yes! We have forged a partnership with Finance IT, through which we offer financing options and the opportunity to finance for up to 15% with an interest rate of 7.99% OAC. You can even choose an open-ended loan, should you qualify, where you can pay off your balance at any point without incurring a penalty.

Does Basement Builders carry liability insurance?

We absolutely do. Basement Builders carries $2,000,000 in liability insurance, and you will find that all our sub-contractors are insured similarly. In addition, all our sub-contractors carry their own WCB insurance. Our basement renovations in Chestermere are all fully inspected, permitted, and the final cost will be included in our end price.

Areas We Serve

Basement Builders has been servicing Chestermere for over 15 years and is more than happy to extend its services to these regions in Alberta:

Build With Us

Why do customers choose Basement Builders for their latest endeavour? Because we have dreams as big as yours, and we plan to treat your home like it was ours. Check out our most recent projects for further evidence of what we do or give us a call directly to discuss. Whenever you decide you want to begin building with us, know that we service Chestermere, Okotoks, Calgary, Cochrane, Strathmore, and Airdrie – just to name a few. Let us treat your home like it was our own! Start with a free quote.

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Whether you’re wanting to turn your Chestermere basement into a functional living area in your home such as a theatre room, a kids area or an entertainment space, Basement Builders can work with you to turn your dream home renovation into a reality. Get a free online quote today!