What does a basement renovation cost in Calgary? It depends on what you need, and what you want.

At Basement Builders, our prices start as low as $38,000 or $425/month* with financing to develop a basement with one bedroom and a living room for an average-sized home. We don’t recommend doing this type of basement as it doesn’t include a bathroom, but we are happy to do it if requested.

We pride ourselves on using top-quality products that last, and we use these high-standard items no matter what your budget. Some builders may offer a lower price, but they may be using sub-par products to get to that price point.

On average, a typical basement starts around $38,000 or $425/month* with financing to develop a basement with one bedroom, a living room, and a bathroom for an average-sized home, while it varies according to our client’s wish lists and needs. This may sound higher than some of the competition, but please keep in mind our philosophy isn’t based on doing the bare minimum. We deliver a product that you will be happy with for years to come.

Our goal is to deliver a proposal based on exactly what you need and want. If you’d like to add other features to your basement, we offer a variety of options.

Many homeowners in Calgary generate extra income with a secondary suite, but it can be complicated to meet all the code requirements. We specialize in building code-compliant legal rental suites with separate heating systems, along with full smoke and fire separation.

Generally, a separate suite with a full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom starts at $80,000 to build, or $872/month* with financing. Payments through financing begin 30 days after construction begins.

Many people desire a basement that is an entertainment hub for their home. With that in mind, we offer a home theatre package that starts at $350 or $3.50/month* with financing.

A custom bar is a natural addition for those who enjoy entertaining at home. We build custom bars exactly to your requirements, within the range of $3,000 - $30,000, or with financing from $40/month - $400/month*.

For our long winters, nothing beats the cozy addition of a fireplace. We offer our clients a variety of styles, ranging in price from $1200 - $6000, or with financing from $14/month* - $80/month*.

Another much-requested option by many of our clients is sound muffling, also called sound deadening. Our prices for sound deadening start at $1000 for the average home, or $109/month* with financing.

When it comes to building the best basement for your family, the sky’s the limit! We’ve built climbing walls in kids’ bedrooms, secret play nooks, lady lairs, and man caves, raised seating for home theatres, golf simulators, and glass-encased wine storage rooms that put beloved collections front and center.
Learn about tips for saving on basement renovations to make the most of your investment.
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*Pricing should be treated as an example only, it is based on financing and is subject to change based on current interest rates the overall value of the basement development, and/or upgrade overall value. A formal quote and financing application will determine all these aspects long before homeowners make any commitments with Basement Builders. CLICK HERE FOR A QUOTE QUOTE or CLICK HERE FOR FINANCING APPLICATION

Not All Quotes Are Equal

If you’re comparing several custom quotes, make sure they include the same items, so you can compare apples to apples.

Some of the listed items below aren’t included with other builders which means you will have to pay more. At Basement Builders all we include everything as a standard.

  • Basement drawings and permits
  • Handling of all inspections (Some companies make you deal with the inspectors yourself)
  • Inclusion of specific model numbers and products being installed so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Builder grade products (Some developers supply homeowners grade products from home depot or Rona) It may look the same buts it’s not.
  • High-quality products as a standard (Some builders say the products they are installing are of high quality but they aren’t. This is where a builder will cut costs to look like they are offering a cheaper price when they are just offering a cheaper product)
  • Finishing off your stairway at no additional cost
  • Light installation and supply (Some builders don’t include a lighting budget in your development)
  • Stone countertops and under-mount sinks
  • Kitchen quality cabinetry (Some builders supply pre-made vanities of extremely low quality)

We break down the pricing of every component of your project in a straightforward, transparent manner — with no room for interpretation.

  • Our pricing is all-inclusive, with no additional fees or costs. The price only changes if you add or remove something.
  • We do not quote on lower quality materials, except by client request
  • We don’t limit the number of outlets/plugs or switches
  • We don’t add a markup on upgrades
  • We charge the same price to install your selections, no matter what the price of your selections may be