Has your basement sat unfinished for several years? If so, that’s untapped potential right there. Basement development in Strathmore can reap significant ROI, especially when it comes time to sell, and you have curated a high-quality basement that appeals to buyers everywhere. If you need help doing renovations, we have your back.

We are Basement Builders. We began in 2012 and have been specializing in Strathmore basement development ever since. We create high-quality basements for affordable prices and always prioritize transparency in everything we do.

Basement Builders make your basement renovations or development on your Strathmore home easy! If you have been thinking about turning your once neglected basement into a functional and beautiful livable space, our team can help.

From a new living room to a kids’ play area, another bedroom add- on or even a bar and entertainment area, our Strathmore basement development team will work with you to create a space you will feel proud of now and for years to come.

With us, there will be no surprises – just experts who will work hard to give you the basement that you deserve. A downstairs man cave? A wet bar? No matter what you can dream, we can build it. See our recent projects for proof of what we do.

About Basement Builders - The Leading Basement Developers in Strathmore

At Basement Builders, we have been providing homeowners across Strathmore with quality basement renovation and building services for over 15 years. Our team of dedicated basement specialists will work closely with you to help build you your dream space and complete your home.

Our team have worked on over 1,500 projects and have the experience and knowledge to successfully complete the job on time and on budget. Customer satisfaction and quality of build is our number one priority, and our basement developers in Strathmore go beyond to ensure you are completely satisfied with our work!

About You

We are your solution for high-quality basement development in Strathmore that does not break the bank. Whether you want a space to entertain or you are looking to sell in a few years, we will help you finalize on your decisions before building so that the final product meets your expectations – and exceeds.

What do we need from you? A desire to reform your basement in the way that you have always wanted it to be. We are your go-to for high-quality basement development in Strathmore that does not break the bank. If you want a space to entertain or a suite for tenants, we can help you navigate a way to do that.

If you are dedicated towards your build, we are ready to help you create the basement of your dreams. As an approved part of the Bryan Baeumler Approved network of contractors and home service providers, we are more than happy to be a part of your journey. Let us deliver on your wildest dreams.

Basement Development and Renovation Process - How it Works


At Basement Builders, we make the renovation and development of your Strathmore basement as stress-free and as comfortable as possible by laying out the process, in steps, from the very beginning.

Our clear, flexible approach to communicating with each of our clients allows those that work with us to feel at ease as your basement undergoes construction and development.

The first phone call

When you first contact our Strathmore basement developers, we will get to work discussing the ins and outs of your basement development wants and needs, bearing in mind the budget you are looking to work within and the existing space available

We come to you

We make it simple. Our local team members will come to your Strathmore home and do a full inspection and review of the space to help you determine the perfect layout and design that will work best for you and your family’s needs. This process will also include scale drawings, a finalized basement floorplan, measurements and a complete estimate of the project build including time and costs.

Final meeting

Once the basement renovation proposal is accepted, we return to your home and review the entire estimate and drawings with all parties present to ensure there is a 100% consensus, and to make any changes deemed necessary before the process of renovations/building may begin.

The Cost of Basement Development in Strathmore

Over the last few years, inflation and supply-chain problems have significantly pushed up construction costs. This has led to sharp increases in Calgary basement development costs and all other construction avenues. Both labor and material costs have increased significantly.

A basement renovation in Strathmore may cost, on average, $35,000-$40,000. This includes a basic 1BR, bathroom, storage, and living space with quality finishings. A bar adds an average of $5000-$15,000.

You can upgrade to soundproofing, egress windows, and lots of pot lights to increase the value of your basement. With all these options and many more, Basement Builders has formerly completed luxury basements exceeding $100,000. It all depends on your desires and budget.

Many factors influence the cost of basement renovations. Consider how developed the basement is already, or whether the upcoming renovation may require any “custom-skilled trade work.” What about upgrades, like a new hot water tank, new furnace, or mechanical modifications and upgrades? Cost will depend on the size of the basement, the level of development and what you plan to do with it.

The following list is comprised of just a few of the major factors impacting your basement development costs ;

Age of your home

Basements in older homes may present more problems and cost than basements in newer homes. If your home was built within the last 10 years, it should be made current. Older homes can be difficult due to poor electrical and plumbing, inadequate insulation, HVAC, narrow staircases, and small windows.


Another item that can add cost is the fireplace. Gas fireplaces cost around $6000, including gas line, venting permits, product, and installation. It is possible to spend anywhere from $8000 to $10,000 on a gas fireplace once you have finished decorating it with a mantle, stone, tile, or any other accessories.

To keep their costs down, many of our clients are turning to electric fireplaces and alternative fuel fireplaces like Bioflam to save money. An electric fireplace can be installed for less than $1500, while Bio-Flame products cost slightly more at $1800.

Kitchenettes and wet-bars

Another common upgrade that can dramatically increase the cost of your basement development is wet bars or kitchenettes.

Wet-bars typically start around $3500 and include plumbing, electrical, fixtures, and the cost of installation. The price will increase depending on the finish, countertops and, most importantly, the size.

Home theatre

The trend in basement developments has been to build personal home theatres. There have been dedicated theatre rooms and rooms that can accommodate multiple televisions.

Although it is less important to run speaker wiring with wireless technology, it is still an excellent idea in many cases. You can also supply and install in-wall or ceiling speakers.

Staircase finishing

Most of our clients are satisfied with the standard basement package's staircase finish. However, some choose to go further. Most clients request that the staircase's bottom be opened and replaced with spindles or railings. This is possible in most cases. Depending on the size of the job and the details, the cost will usually fall in the $1500-$3500 price range.

Plumbing rough ins

The price range will be affected by whether the plumbing rough ins exist. Adding rough-ins can easily cost anywhere between $1500 and $3000. Relocating existing plumbing rough ins can also increase the cost.


Your basement space can be made warmer and drier with subfloors. Depending on the style, subfloors can cost anywhere from $1.50/sf up to $5.00/sf.

Heating and ventilation

All requirements of the Alberta Building Code will be met by the standard basement package. Our designers may recommend additional heating or ventilation in certain cases. In larger basements and bedrooms, it can be a smart idea, as it can add ROI to your home.. You can also add heat to your home with electric baseboard heaters.

Heated tile

Concrete over tile can be quite cold. Many of our clients choose heated tile floors for their bathrooms to give them an edge. Heated tile floors start at $1000 and can go up depending upon the size.

Built-ins made to order

There are many options for custom built-ins. You may add shelves to your corners or even create secret doors that are hidden behind your bookshelves. The cost of each built-in depends on the details and the finish. Stained material can be more expensive than paint-grade veneers or laminated veneers

Feature walls

A trend in basements is to create feature walls that accentuate a space. A feature wall can be created with one paint color. You can also use paneling, tile, ledge stone, and wallpaper to create a feature wall. Painting feature walls can be as inexpensive as $150. Tile and ledge stone walls are more expensive at $20-40 per square foot, depending on the detail and product.

Egress windows and window wells

Egress windows and window wells of 30 inches are required for legal basement bedrooms. Many Calgary homes built before 2016 will not have the required basement windows with 30" wells.

Older homes may not have egress windows. Window well replacement costs range between $250-500, and new egress window prices can be as high as $1500-$3000.

Strathmore Basement Development FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about what we do.

Does Basement Builders carry liability insurance?

Yes. Basement Builders carries $2,000,000 liability insurance to preserve our business and your peace-of-mind. You will find that our subcontractors are similarly insured, and all carry their own separate WCB insurance. Each one of our renovations are fully permitted, city-inspected, and we will include our cost in the purchase price so there is no guessing.

Does Basement Builders offer warranty on their basements?

Yes, we offer an unprecedented five-year warranty on all the products and materials that we use. You can view our warranty page here.

What role do I need to take on as the homeowner?

As the homeowner, we expect you to clear the work area of furniture and personal items, protecting your own property, etc. You should make timely selections of materials so that the project is not delayed. Changes should be kept to a minimum once work is underway, and feel free to ask any questions as the build unfolds! Payments should be made in accordance with the schedule that is defined in the contract you will receive.

Does Basement Builders offer options for financing in Strathmore?

Yes! We have forged a partnership with FinanceIT, through which you can choose from several financing options. You can finance for up to 15% with an interest rate of 7.99% OAC. You can even choose an open

-ended loan, which gives you the chance to pay off your balance at any point – with no penalty being incurred.

How do I know if Basement Builders is the renovation company of choice for me?

We are proud of what we do, and we do what we do best because we specialize in basement development in Strathmore – and only basement development. Look at our recent projects to determine if what we do is really for you. Click here.

How many weeks does it take to finish a basement in Strathmore?

It can take anywhere between 7-9 weeks to build a standard basement in Strathmore. We prioritize quality more than most basement renovation companies in Strathmore, so we will never cut corners. More complex builds, you may find, will take much longer. We will provide you with a more accurate timeline estimate upon the time of quoting.

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